Wednesday, May 25, 2011

moleskine murals - lightborne creatives pt. 1

For some time now I've wanted to do a Moleskine mural collaboration with various artists. So here is my 2 page spread. I've started passing the book around my work. I'm excited to see where this goes. For my pages I used good ol' pen & ink.

ae - crumble

This is a result of following this tutorial on I'm a fan. This was all done procedurally in AE. There were no 3d elements brought in from 3ds Max.

3d - sketch dump 06

The explosion and the fireball were both made using the FumeFX plugin for 3ds Max.
The oil fire was a very high-poly mesh who's displacement and shading was driven by a series of animated procedural textures. Not very practical, but an interesting experiment, nonetheless.

3d - sketch dump 05

A w.i.p. turntable of my pirate, Franklin Tug Bowline, a falling rock, and a cave-bike... w.i.p.

3d - sketch dump 04

Just messing around. Transforming phone, camera mapped chipmunk, some cloth, and a two-way-mirror-spinning-LED-hockey-puck. Why not?

3d - sketch dump 03

For the first two I was messing around with Max's rigid body dynamics and a fracture script. I manually adjusted the baked animation to give it the "bullet time" effect.
The last one uses the same fracture script with a pflow birth script operator. That way I was able to implement more control of the behavior of the debris.

3d - sketch dump 02

A Dodge Charger and an Audi R8. I still need to finish modeling the R8. The Charger was rendered several years ago so it was set to standard definition (720x486) and right now I just don't have the time to set up new renders in HD.

3d - sketch dump 01

Some experiments with particles I did several years back. I couldn't find the original scene files but I had the renders tucked away in a dark corner of my hard drive.

2d - sketch dump 05

The self-portrait is several years old and is done in pen & ink. The rest of the study sheets are red and black graphite.

2d - sketch dump 04

Action & character design sheets. Pen & ink. A couple are getting colored when I can find the time.

2d - sketch dump 03

Nothing much to say here. Just some more random sketches. The sock monkeys were for my brother. I plan on finishing/coloring the woman... at some point.

2d - sketch dump 02

Again, these are mostly completed works that are several years old. They were created using pen & ink, charcoal, graphite, and ink & marker, respectively.

2d - sketch dump 01

Here are some drawings I did several years ago using colored pencil. They are actually finished pieces rather than just sketches, but considering how many years ago it was that I drew them, I thought it best to put them in my sketchbook.


My name is Eric Lawshe and I am the Senior 3D Animator at Lightborne in Cincinnati, OH. I began studying 3d animation in 1999 and have been a professional 3d animator since 2005.

This blog is only a sketchbook: a collection of thoughts, ideas, and tests in 2d and 3d, as well as any tips, tricks, and tutorials I develop or stumble upon online. For my full portfolio please go to My demo reel and references are available upon request.

I use Autodesk 3ds Max and Mudbox as my primary 3d applications, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for all 2d work. For Compositing I use Adobe AfterEffects.